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The dreaded “About Me” page – I”m supposed to tell you all about myself and how interesting my life is but instead I’ll just be honest 🙂

My name’s Emma and I’m a SAHM – that’s “stay at home mum” to those not in the know – I didn’t know what a SAHM was fora very long time, but now apparently, I am one. I look after the house (not very well, I’ve never been too house proud I like the “lived in” look!) look after my children (a whole lot better) and I’m generally the peacekeeper in the house.

I am currently homeschooling the children, a job which is so rewarding, but such hard work too some days! On the whole, myself and the children have adapted to this role and apart from the odd hiccup, we have a fun time and they are doing very well in all subjects.

This website is a small part of my efforts to escape from the kids and my hubby for a while during the day. Although I love my family dearly, they do get me frustrated a lot of the time.

Cutesy Craft is mainly a place where I can keep a catalogue of the craft projects I like and have found as I wonder across pinterest and facebook. It is also to be a place where I record the kids little projects and hopeful use the experience of learning about websites to teach the kids at the same time.

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