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Brighten Your Windows!

As chief washer upper in this household, I spend many an hour gazing out of the kitchen window as I’m washing the pots. Now I don’t mind washing up, I find it quite therapeutic, but sometime it would be nice to have a brighter outlook!

This is definitely going to be next on my project list. Not only because it is another recycling project, but because it is so simple, it would be silly not to try it. Since finding this craft idea, I have seen it a few more times on the Internet. For this project you need to wash out your used plastic milk bottle, allow it to dry thoroughly and then cut it into straight useable pieces. You can trace one of your kids favourite characters from the television or cut out a shape, whatever you want. Then colour on the outside of the plastic as it is not as smooth. Attach beads or pipe cleaners or any other accesories, attach to a suction cup and there you have it, a beautiful view as you wash up!

Milk Jug Decorative Window Crafts

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