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Chasing Away Bad Dreams

As anyone with kids will know, when a child has a bad dream, it can be hard to convince them that it isn’t real. As parents, we try to limit what the children watch and how late they watch things, but no matter how good you try to be, those baddies will inevitably, sneak into your dreams when you least expect. When my daughter was younger, she suffered quite a lot with bad dreams, as well as sleep walking and talking. She’s ten now and has for the most part, outgrown this. She still talks in her sleep but then we don’t call her Little Miss Chatterbox for nothing!

My son is six and has not suffered as badly, but recently, has started going through a spate of them and waking three and four times a week. This means broken sleep for him as well as mum & dad. So when I saw this whilst I was browsing the Internet, I knew that this would be a project for us to do. To make the dream catcher was really easy and because he made it himself, he now believes that if he wakes up during a bad dream, he can blow through the catcher and it will blow the bad dreams out of the window!

 4 Crazy Kings Dream Catcher

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