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Craft for the boys!

It’s always great to be able to have some one to one with that special little man in your life and what better way to bond than to have fun creating something together.
Searching the web, there are lots of sites with crafts for boys, but knowing my boy, he would want something that he could play with afterwards and not just look at.

So when I came across this one, it just had to be shared! It’s pretty awesome and although I would have to make a few changes (as I don’t have any cool lights or ready made aliens), the concept is fantastic and with a little bit of crafty thinking, aliens can be made too! All you need to get your aliens space-bound are the following things:

A cheese triangle circular box, a clear yoghurt pot or something similar, lollypop sticks, glue, paint and scissors. Obviously if you have no wooden figures then you will have to make your own aliens too!


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