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Crafty Girl Projects Part 2

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Here are a few photos of my daughter’s wonderful creations. It may not seem like it but it took a while to get these pics of the stuff she does because no sooner has she done them, she gives them away as gifts to family and friends!!. I did ask if she could keep a few back for me to photograph but even after asking she still gave loads of them away.

What you can see here is a ‘small’ variety of the macrame and braided bracelets she made in less than an hour. The macrame bag charm on the right was made while I sat and watched which does make me proud of her for her ability to learn something so complicated at such a young age. I’m still struggling to understand the technique even when she shows me.

The material she used is a waxed cotton we brought from Thailand along with a very large variety of loose beads and charms.  The waxed cotton is unlike any i have seen here in the UK and after going through a few online seller at eBay I still can’t find a replacement for her, guess we wil have to sort out another trip to Thailand soon then.

At the moment my favourite is the elephant bag charm which she made for me. I have that proudly on display hanging from my bag and it does get a lot of positive comments from people. Maybe I should get her to make a few to sell!   🙂