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Olympic Rings

We are continuing the theme of the Olympics and have been learning all about the history of the Games and the countries that are taking part. They’ve made a booklet of all the facts they found, word searches and colouring pages they did and they also each picked an athlete to research. We’ve been doing our very own Olympic Games over the last few days, which has been lots of fun and they, fo course, have each won gold and silver! But to end the day today, they did an Olympic mobile.

This consisted of the Olympic rings, made out of a toilet roll tube inner, cut into five, painted and stuck together and to finish off, I traced the “2012” emblem and they stuck it to some card and attached that to their rings. When we put it all together, it looked really good, they’d done a great job of it. However, my six year old decided he didn’t want to do a mobile like his sister, so we adapted it and came up with these glasses, I think he looks great!







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