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‘OUR’ Recyled Rag Rug

We recently had a big clear out and ended up with a HUGE bag of clothes. Some of them, we cut up into rag clothes to wipe out our wok and use for dusting, but we still had loads left. On a  Pinterest browsing sessions, something I just love doing, I came across an idea to use up a lot of our rags and get something useful for the house too and so the preparation for our recycled rag rug began.
One rainy Sunday morning seemed the ideal time to start and so  I decided to look out some of the more decent rag pieces and cut them into strips.

It takes a long time to cut the strips, but once you get into it, it really is quite therapeutic. I got a recent discarded tshirt that was still in one piece, and cut the back off it. I straightened up the edges a bit so it was a rectangular shape. I passed on the job of cutting strips to my daughter and I went about making holes in the shirt.

After cutting the holes in the tshirt, I estimated we needed about two hundred strips of t-shirt to go through the holes. I’m lucky that my ten year old daughter is very artistic and loves all things crafty, so she started threading through, whilst watching a movie. I would recommend this as the way to make this rug, otherwise you might get  bored real quick .

You take a piece of rag and thread it up through the first hole, then down the second. Then you take a second rag piece and thread it up the second hole and down the third hole. This goes on the whole length of the rug, so each hole has two pieces of rag in.

Once you have the two pieces, tie them together with a single knot. I have read that some people don’t like to knot them, so it seems it’s a personal choice, for me the knots help keep the whole thing together and isn’t really that noticeable, I guess this will depend on the type of material you use really.

The pictures on the left shows the front and rear of the rug and as you can see at this stage, my daughter was 6 rows in. She did a further three rows before she got bored, even with the movie, and then stopped for the day but finished the next afternoon.

We were really pleased with the result and my daughter is now the proud owner of her very own rag rug for her bedroom.

I hope these instructions are clear enough but if you need any more then head to t-shirt rag rug, this is where we got the inspiration for our recycled rag rug from.

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