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Time for the Olympics 2012!

Not sure if you’ve heard or not but today is the start of the 2012 Olympics in London! As a homeschool family, occasions like these always bring a welcome fun project or theme to learning. To get  into the spirit of things we wanted to have a fun day to mark the start of the Olympics. First thing on the agenda was the famous Olympic torch. I’d seen a few around on various sites, but the one that gave me most inspiration was this one Keepers Of The Flame but we didn’t have and gold sparkly paper and so based it loosely on this, but using our own materials instead.

Using card from old cereal boxes, is ideal and we cut a “fan” shape out of an A4 piece of card.  Having no gold crayons, pens or paint, we had to improvise. We mixed some paints to get a kind of goldish- orangey colour and then before it dried we sprinkled it with gold glitter. While the card dried in the sun we started on the flames. For the flames we used a mixture of red crepe paper, orange tissue paper and some bits of aluminium foil. Whilst I assisted my 6 year old with the flames, my 10 year old did hers all by herself, it’s good to see the differences.

When the card was dry, I rolled them both into a cone shape and put in 2 paper fasteners to hold the card in shape. This was better than using sellotape and it helps give it a bit of extra design. The flames were then taped inside by the children and this is the final result! Their very own Olympic Torch!

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