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Why Do Recycled Craft?

One area of craft that can be fun to do for adults and kids alike, is recycled craft. I hate to throw things away and know that they will more than likely end up in a landfill (something I learned at an old j.o.b i once had). Using discarded materials will not only save you money and at the same time give you a warm fuzzy feeling about helping the environment but will also give you and your children hours of fun.

Having two children in the house it hasn’t taken me very long to end up with aa craft box full of clothes, card, tins, plastic and the like “just in case”. For me it doesn’t really matter if I don’t use these things straight away as long as everything is cleaned properly and put away neatly. I know that when the ideas come the materials will always be available and won’t mean a shopping trip.

One of the featured categories you will find as you browse our website,, will be the recycled craft area. This area will include lots of ideas for you to get started on or at least a list of things that you may be at the moment throwing away and that could be saved for future use.The tutorials will be easy for you to follow and the products produced will always be child friendly, however on some occasions we will include a link to an external page. These external sites may not be as child friendly and they are only included to show where we got our inspiration from.

As you take a look at some of the uses for magazines, cd’s and such stuff, you will see that the kids always had fun while doing the actual work, the results however are not always something you would want to have displayed around the house. That’s the point of recycled craft, it doesn’t cost a lot so if the end result lives in a drawer then no one really minds. It passes the time on a rainy day, is so easy to do even a child can do it and to see an old sock become a cute teddy bear or a pile of magazines become flowers really is a good feeling.

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